C O N S T I T U E N T   D E C L A R A T I O N

We, the undersigned, being convinced that

democracy is a form of governing which guarantees each individual an opportunity to participate in the management of State affairs, compatibility of personal freedom and public interests;

understanding that

freedom is the highest value which guarantees unrestrained choice of activities and religious beliefs by an individual;

having no doubt that

property constitutes the guarantee of an individual's freedom; property is inviolable;

maintaining that

the rule of law and equality of all before the law constitute the fundamental principle of the regulation of mutual relations in society;

being aware that

free market guarantees efficient economic management, a possibility to engage in business, public welfare;being certain that
State governing must be open and transparent, reflecting the will of the majority of society and ensuring social justice;

realising that

traditions are important to every individual, therefore they must be respected, cherished, new ones created and passed on from generation to generation;

considering that

the family is first of all responsible for the development of individual's moral and spiritual values;

recognising that

common moral values should be abided by every individual, every political and public organisation,

declare we are establishing

H O M E L A N D P E O P L E' S P A R T Y,

people's party in the European tradition

whose principal goal - creation of democratic society and strengthening of the modern State of Lithuania based upon the initiative and government of free residents.
Hereby we invite all the citizens of Lithuania - people of cities, towns and villages - to join in the common effort.

23 October 1999, Vilnius

Members of the Initiative Group:

Laima Andrikienė
Doctor of economics, Signatory of the 11th of March Act, Seimas Member, Vilnius

Julius Adomaitis
Lawyer, Vilnius

Irena Andrukaitienė
Teacher, principal of the A.Vienuolis Gymnasium, Signatory of the 11th of March Act, Anykščiai

Algimantas Aukštinaitis
Engineer, Vilnius

Gerimantas Bakanas
Postgraduate of Kaunas Vytautas Magnus University, Vilnius

Stanislava Bukartienė
Physician, Klaipėda

Donatas Dudutis
Postgraduate of Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, Vilnius

Piotras Gerasimovičius
Lawyer, Vilnius

Virgaudas Juocevičius
Doctor of technical sciences, businessman, Vilnius

Vytautas Juozapaitis
Opera singer, Vilnius

Jonas Ivanauskas
Construction engineer, Molėtai

Vytas Kabašinskas
Doctor of social sciences, businessman, Vilnius

Giedrius Karsokas
Businessman, Vilnius

Rimantas Kalibatas
Coach, Vilnius 

Vaclovas Makūnas
Principal of Kaunas High School of Agriculture, Kaunas

Stasys Morkūnas
Economist, businessman, Vilnius

Zonė Nemanienė
Financier, Kaunas

Birutė Nenortaitė 
Mechanical engineer, Deputy principal of Kaunas High School of Agriculture, Kaunas

Dainius Ožalas
Director of the Culture Club, Ramygala, Panevėžys Region

Vytautas Plukas
Teacher, Anykščiai

Žilvinas Putramentas
Manager, Vilnius

Nijolė Ragauskienė
Industrial engineer, member of the Kaunas Municipal Council, Kaunas

Nijolė Sabaitė - Razienė
Historian, president of Vilnius Women's Sports Association, Olympic Vice-champion, Vilnius

Petras Skirmantas
Ballet soloist, Vilnius

Laima Svera
Chemical engineer, Michigan, USA

Juozas Šilanskas
Lawyer, Lazdijai

Egidijus Tartilas
Physician, Panevėžys

Rimantas Tumosa
Economist, engineer, Kaunas

Vidmantas Žiemelis
Lawyer, signatory of the 11th of March Act, Seimas Member, Vilnius


Algirdas Šocikas
Boxer, Kaunas

Rūta Duobaitė
Postgraduate of Vilnius University, Vilnius

Arūnas Žebriūnas
Film director, Vilnius

Genovaitė Jakševičienė
Economist (international economic relations),

Vanda Nivinskienė
Teacher, Deputy principal of the M.Daukša Secondary School, Vilnius

Algis Kazla
Doctor of technical sciences, Kaunas