Speech by L.Andrikiene, member of the Initiative Group of the Homeland People’s Party, delivered during the ceremony of signing of the Party’s Constituent Declaration in Vilnius on 23rd  October, 1999

Honourable  Participants,

Dear Thinkers alike, hand in hand with whom a lengthy road, extending over a ten-year period, has already been traversed in the course of restoring and solidifying  the Independence of our State, Ladies and Gentlemen,

Today I would like to speak about many things: about Lithuania which has become free and independent again by the end of the 20th century, about our achievements and sombre reality, problems of an individual, society, and the State.

We all see and worry about the fact that the people and the State of Lithuania suffer from government falls, marks of financial and economic crisis, increasing unemployment, poverty of a large segment of society. Being unable to find jobs, Lithuania’s youth go elsewhere to seek happiness, and those who complete studies abroad, find it very hard to adjust to our present-day corrupt Lithuania, to return home because they are afraid to become inessential. Left without a vision of the future, Lithuania’s rural population strive to survive but being unable to comprehend new tendencies, to receive a plausible explanation of Government policy, some earnings or state support, they wash away their best, most productive years with moonshine, disillusioned and cursing each one and everything, but most of all - Independence.

 Lithuania’s intelligentsia, avoiding blames for being over - politisized, ridiculed or condemned for any of the works created or speeches made in the past, choose to stay in the shadows, letting those who are neither experts of public development processes nor of their own profession, to become society’s teachers or critics. We may talk a lot about these matters, each time depicting new, gloomy views of reality, however today the more important issue is: what shall we do? What has to be done and how, so that Lithuania would regain Hope and Vision as it did ten years ago, in the most glorious time of Sŕjűdis, and Lithuanian people would see and comprehend the road we are taking and will take, which intermediate goals we have to achieve along this road so that the journey be successful.

At the very beginning it will be only Hope and Vision but they should become reality. Vision of a beautiful, prosperous Lithuania must become desirable and attainable for  free Lithuania which has entered a second decade of its existence. It is more likely that at the beginning only politically mature and civically aware people, discussing, arguing and finding the best solutions through discussions, shall support this aim, but I don’t have any doubt that the establishment and strengthening of modern Lithuania, the State of free and prosperous people, which is based upon the initiative and government of free citizens will receive understanding and support among wide sections of the population.

All of us who stand by the origins of the Homeland People’s Party - moderate rightist party - will have to be persistent and determined people possessing sufficient political will  to achieve what is promised, not to stop halfway, not to retreat in the face of the first obstacles, armed with patience and a desire to come to agreement with all who seek good for our State, if we wish to make our dream of a free, beautiful, prosperous, democratic Lithuania, come true.

This is not an easy job that will last for a year. Not all of us who are together today will be able to rejoice at the results because only young people shall have the great privilege  to see the fruits of their labours and enjoy them. However many of us who are gathered here, already are parents with  growing up children and grandchildren, and we undoubtedly desire that at least their Lithuania be more just, better, cleaner   and even more beautiful.

Honourable  Participants,

Success of our common effort will greatly depend on our fundamental values and precepts. Today we are signing the Constituent Declaration of the Homeland People’s Party which proclaims what is most important and dear to us. That is - 









COMMON MORAL VALUES which, we are certain, shall be abided by every individual, public or political organisation.

Undoubtedly these are the precepts of a moderate rightist party, the party in the European tradition. These are the precepts of the political power which represents the interests of people who are ready to assume responsibility for themselves and the family which strives to educate its children and ensure peaceful old age. These are the precepts of a citizens’ party, citizens in a true sense of this word.

The Homeland People’s Party - a modern contemporary party. It shall not divide Lithuania’s people into better and worse, but shall be open to all who are ready to work for Lithuania.

The Homeland People’s Party - a democratic party realising the necessity of discussion within the party and understanding that solution might be found only through discussion.

Concluding I would like to invite all of you to join in a common effort. All of you wherever you live, whatever your age, I invite for a joint effort to make Lithuania more just, beautiful and better.